Granite: Aesthetics and Functionality in One

Granite is one of the most widely utilized countertop materials. The notion of elegance, durability and quality are exuded by granite. It is usually properly used for buildings, bridges, pavements, monuments and maybe even in the homes of ours.

At home, you may often see granite in the cooking area and bathtubs as they are easy and durable to clean and very decorative as well as beautiful. However, they have more uses than simply remaining kitchen as well as bathroom countertops.

countertops and Tabletops

This’s probably the most frequent granite use we see. They may be used in kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, bar counter, vanity countertops and a few even on mantelpieces. The sort of Granite utilized for countertops is known as Biotite granite. Granite is the common choice for countertops as they’ve a modern and shiny look after polishing. They also are available in a variety of decorative but elegant colors including yellow, gray, black, gray and also brown. They’re extremely easy to clean and even heat and moisture resistant.


A granite backsplash is being made by another wonderful way to use granite at home. Using a granite backslash in your kitchen accounts for a supplementary touch of elegance that is going to match your granite countertops. As it is able to withstand moisture, it is a perfect screen in between the wall structure and moisture typical in a kitchen area.

Granite Tile

Using tiles made out of granite is one other common use of granite in our place. It may be employed as floor tiles for the kitchen or even bathroom combined with a wall panel which creates an elegant and high-luster space. It is able to also be cut in many sizes and created like ceramic tiles.

Granite Flooring

If you are meticulous person and annoyed by floor discolorations left by spills then granite is a good choice in flooring substance for you. Aside from being tough in regards to stains and spills, it is able to also withstand heat. Add to the truth the it is giving that vintage elegant look in your house.

Sinks, , Granite Fireplace Mantles and Door Knobs more

You can also use granite as a replacement to the metal sinks. Granite sinks can be quite traditional pedestal sinks, or modern, undermount sinks, angular basins. Granite sinks withstand moisture and heat so you’ll be able to be sure your household is safe.

Building Stones

You are able to additionally use granite as blocks for your exterior wall of your homes. They can rough or polished giving the home of yours an elegant comfortable feel. They’re also extremely difficult and may go longer than expected. A lot of the traditional homes from decades ago were made with granite. Imagine all of the other possibilities in which you are able to utilize granite and it’ll undoubtedly be as functional and durable as it is beautiful.

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